Sheriff's Office

"Honor, Duty, and Integrity."

The Sheriff, the chief principal law enforcement officer of the County, is the only full-time elected County law enforcement official provided for by the Illinois Constitution.

The Office of the Sheriff goes back in history to old-world Europe and was brought by early settlers to this country where it has evolved into an all-encompassing law enforcement agency.

The Jo Daviess County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for numerous and diverse services. In addition to providing direct law enforcement and public safety service to all citizens in unincorporated Jo Daviess County, the Sheriff’s Office also supplements and assists other law enforcement agencies in the County as needed. The Sheriff’s Office works closely with and provides assistance to the social service agencies in the County: Riverview Center, DCFS and Sinnissippi Centers. Along with providing law enforcement service, the Sheriff maintains the Jo Daviess County Jail, which is located within the Public Safety Building and has a total capacity of 27 inmates. Also located within the Public Safety Building is the Emergency Enhanced 9-1-1 Communications Center. The Sheriff is tasked with all communication and dispatching of all fire, medical, and law enforcement services throughout the County.

Along with general law enforcement, criminal investigations, public safety services, maintaining the County jail, and Emergency 911, the Sheriff also provides other services including, but not limited to, water patrol and rescue, mounted patrol, a search and rescue canine unit, a narcotic detection and criminal apprehension canine unit, and vehicle investigations. The Sheriff also maintains dockets, registers, jail records, fingerprints, and arrest files. Writs and warrants are executed, and summons and subpoenas are served. The Sheriff’s deputies also attend all courts on record, and accept and receipt bail in accordance with the rules of the Circuit Court.


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