Lab Draw Program

Jo Daviess County Health Department lab draw program is for those individuals who are underinsured, uninsured or those that choose not to use their medical health plan for a low cost fee. The health department will not bill any health insurance plans and will only accept cash or check.

Prior to scheduling the health department will need a written script/order from a provider identifying what test(s) to be drawn.  Orders may be faxed to the health department at 815-777-1056. Once the order is received health department staff will call the individual to schedule the lab draw.

A Jo Daviess County Health Department registered nurse will perform the blood draw and send the sample for testing through Quest Diagnostic lab services. Jo Daviess County Health Department nursing staff will forward the test(s) results to the ordering provider for patient notification.
The clinical staff at the Health Department will follow both federal and state law privacy requirements to ensure confidentiality of your medical records and testing.

Please call 815-777-0263 ext. 531 to schedule an appointment.

Tests being offered at this time:

CBC - $16.00 Hemoglobin AIC -$22.00
CMP - $22.00 TSH - $22.00
Lipid Panel - $27.00 F-T4 (free thyroxine) -$22.00
Liver Panel - $16.00 PSA - $22.00
Vitamin D - $59.00  

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