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This page is not for paying property taxes.  Please go to this link to pay your property taxes online.

Where can I find it? .

What is it? This is a free & subscription web-based data property search website.

Who is it for? Appraisers, Lawyers, Property Owners, Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers & General Public

Is there a cost? We have a 2 Tier Program

  • Tier 1 – Free Access
    • Users can search by address or parcel number
    • Users have access to parcel numbers, site address, legal description, assessed value, property class, lot size, tax bill, and individual breakdown of tax bill amount taxing bodies
    • You do not need to set up an Account to use the Free Access
  • Tier 2 – Subscription Access
    • Annual - $120.00
    • Monthly - $20.00
    • Users can access all information available under Tier 1, plus access to owner’s name, photos, sketches, building details, sales history, and exemptions
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