Chief County Assessment Office

Duties of the Chief County Assessment Officer include:
  • Holds annual meeting with Township Assessors
  • Serves as chairperson of the Farmland Assessment Review Committee
  • Serves as Clerk of the Board of Review
  • Maintains an up-to-date property record card system, which lists the legal description, owner’s name, and the assessment
  • Maintains the current owners of record by using the deeds filed in the recorder’s office
  • Reviews all assessments made by the Township Assessors and revises them as appear to be just
  • Equalizes assessments by township
  • Publishes the assessment changes for each township
  • Mails notices to each owner of record whose assessment has been changed
  • Applies preferential assessments
  • Administers the Homestead Application process:
    • General Homestead
    • Homestead Improvement
    • Senior Citizen Homestead
    • Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze
    • Disabled Veteran Exemption
    • Disabled Veteran Standard
    • Disabled Person's Homestead
    • Returning Veteran's Homestead

The 2023 Assessment Cycle is now open.  Go to the Board of Review page for information about the published assessments and how to file a complaint if you wish.

Township Assessor contact information can be found here.

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