Chief County Assessment Office

Duties of the Chief County Assessment Officer include:
  • Holds annual meeting with Township Assessors
  • Serves as chairperson of the Farmland Assessment Review Committee
  • Serves as Clerk of the Board of Review
  • Maintains an up-to-date property record card system, which lists the legal description, owner’s name, and the assessment
  • Maintains the current owners of record by using the deeds filed in the recorder’s office
  • Reviews all assessments made by the Township Assessors and revises them as appear to be just
  • Equalizes assessments by township
  • Publishes the assessment changes for each township
  • Mails notices to each owner of record whose assessment has been changed
  • Applies preferential assessments
  • Administers the Homestead Application process:
    • General Homestead
    • Homestead Improvement
    • Senior Citizen Homestead
    • Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze
    • Disabled Veteran Exemption
    • Disabled Veteran Standard
    • Disabled Person's Homestead
    • Returning Veteran's Homestead

The 2022 Assessment Cycle has closed.  The final filing deadline for 2022 (payable 2023) taxable year has passed for all of Jo Daviess County Townships, and the Board of Review is prohibited by Illinois law from accepting further assessment complaints for this taxable year.  35 ILCS 200/16-75.

Your next opportunity to file an assessment complaint will be for the 2023 (payable 2024) taxable year.  This can only be filed after your 2023 assessment notice is published in a local newspaper.  In the meantime, any questions about your property's valuation can be addressed to the Assessor of the Township in which the property is located.  Click HERE for contact information for your local Assessor.

The 2020 annual report can be found in the Publications link on the right.

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