To qualify for homestead exemptions you must be a full-time resident of Jo Daviess County.  To establish residency in Jo Daviess County, you must provide two out of the three documents when asked;
  • An Illinois Driver’s License with the property address listed;
  • A Federal Tax return with the property address listed;
  • Or an IL Voters Registration Card with the property address listed.
It's important to note that failure to provide two of the three documents, when asked to do so, will result in disqualification from any homestead exemption. This underscores the necessity of compliance.

HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION POLICY – Jo Daviess County diligently sends out all renewal exemption forms, highlighting the importance of your timely response. We also provide reminders if the form has not been received by the original deadline. However, once the tax bills have been printed and the renewed exemption form(s) have not been received, there will be no exceptions to file. This means you will lose the exemption(s) for the tax year in which it was not renewed. We urge you to stay informed and responsible in this process. 

(Reminders Sent: Low-Income Senior Freeze, Disabled Persons, Disabled Vet Exemptions)

Property tax exemptions are generally grouped in two types - Homestead and Non-Homestead Exemptions. 
  • Homestead exemptions are applicable when the property is owner-occupied.
  • Non-homestead exemptions are for other types of property.
Click on the links below to learn about the different types of exemptions offered and download the required forms.